“And in this Mass let us pray for the teachers, for the doctors, for those who teach the people of God that they would not be closed in on themselves, that they would dialogue, and so save themselves from the wrath of God, which, if they do not change their attitude, will remain upon them.”   Pope Francis, April 15, 2015

Hmmm? Dialogue? Did Jesus dialogue?  Did the apostles dialogue?  Seems to me that the conveyance of the truth is the nobler, more sure way.  Dialogue by definition means a willingness to compromise; to give and take.  The Catholic Church has the absolute truth as presented by Our Lord Himself.  To dialogue on matters of the Faith would mean to capitulate the truth.  To dialogue with heretical sects and non-believers is nothing more than to give credibility to their “beliefs” and to act if they have some modicum of truth in what they believe.  I am not saying that dialogue, when used to pursue a common good, is not of merit but, as far as matters of faith are concerned, dialogue is a surrender to some other belief and I fear that we will be held accountable if, as Catholics, we don’t unceasingly proclaim the Truths of Christ as put forth by His Holy Church.


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