Men and the Catholic Church

So mothers and fathers and wives and sisters and all, do you wonder why your men don’t go or resist going to church? Does what you revere and hold as sacred not appeal to the men in your lives?

Maybe its because there’s not much for a man to relate to in the environment that permeates the post-conciliar Catholic Church.  Maybe your man isn’t into watered down catechesis and feminized liturgies.

Men are programmed for sacrifice, whether it be for their wife, their children or their God. Real men want a real leader; they want a real God. They want a God who requires a total commitment, holding back nothing.  They want something to sacrifice their lives for.

Real men don’t want hand holding, or inclusive language, or sappy songs, or Eucharistic ministers, or the priest facing the people. Real men want and need a sacred, mysterious language specially suited for worship; they want a reverent sacred atmosphere: they want manly priests who exemplify the true male characteristics of leadership and authority.

And so if you’ve been trying to get your ‘man’ to church, you might modify what you think is best for him and his spiritual life and search out a Traditional Latin Mass. Who knows? You might also find out what’s best for you is something other than what you thought.


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