Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that the ecclesiastical authority for this diocese has mandated a “revision of liturgical music more in keeping with the tradition of the Church and in line with the dictates set forth in Sacroscanctum Concilium, the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, promulgated by Vatican II”.  The announcement (source citation needed) comes as liturgical music continues its descent into secular, anthropocentric themed fare complete with “profane instruments not suitable for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass”.  This according to a spokesman (citation needed), who spoke on the condition of anonymity and who also said that “even though the documents of Vatican are rife with ambiguities and obfuscations, if the documents are read keeping an eye on the traditions of the Church, some benefit can be realized through their study”.

When questioned as to what this actually means in terms of parishes throughout the diocese, he said that “the musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art and this will mean a return to that sacred treasury which is typified to the greatest degree by Gregorian chant and polyphony”.  Further questions concerning how this will be implemented yielded the response that “scholas will be formed and singers trained in sacred music”.  Under critical questioning as to how this can be since most music programs are populated with guitars, pianos, and the occasional tambourine or drum set, the spokesman, setting aside contemporary “church-speak” and “ecclesiastical dialogue”,  said that “if the Church had been faithful to the liturgy of the traditional Church developed through the centuries since Vatican II, it would not be necessary to drive the ‘money changers’ from the sanctuary”. 

When asked about “full, conscious and active participation” and how this change in liturgical music will affect those who are involved in contemporary praise music in Catholic Churches, the spokesman said that “full, conscious and active participation” has been “misconstrued to mean physical participation when it actually means spiritual participation and has nothing to do with musicians banging on drums and guitars or Eucharistic Ministers rushing the altar or girl altar servers” (citation needed).

Rumor has it (or not).




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