Happy Birthday Jesus! Sorry Your Party Was So Lame!

You really don’t hear much about liturgical abuse these days especially when the concerns involve liturgical music.  Most NuChurch Catholics just “luv” the guitars, drums, mandolins, string bass (yes, string bass), accordion (yes, accordion) and what not. With a blue grass theme and a cheesy mass setting, what’s not to like about a little Sunday morning jamboree to get the day going. And if its Christmas day, all the more reason to have a rendition of  “Joy to the World” plucked out on a mandolin.  If you care about music and have even a modicum of appreciation for good, music warning bells should go off.

If you care about the liturgy, the Mass and liturgical music, sirens should be signaling a five alarm fire. What an egregious offence against the Holy Sacrifice!  What a pathetic effort at liturgical music! And what an obvious example of the performance mentality rife throughout NuChurch and the post-conciliar era.  With “musicians” stationed next to the altar, there is no escaping the associated visuals and to top it off after Mass the priest is overheard telling the band “Good Job”.  But of course, the priest and associated clericalism are the root of the problem.  Poor seminary formation and a twisted sense of full, conscious and active participation have given us what we have today.  And the church of nice goes merrily on its way.

Happy Birthday Jesus! Sorry your party was so lame.



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