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Condemnation of Martin Luther and his teachings

As the contemporary Church seems hell bent on its journey toward a reconciliation with the Lutheran “Church” with no sympathy for adherence to Catholic truths, it seems appropriate to review what was written previously concerning Martin Luther and his heretical views.  At the height of the Luther led “Protestant Revolution”, Pope Leo X wrote the following quote from a papal bull date June 15, 1520:

“…we likewise condemn, reprobate, and reject completely the books and all the writings and sermons of the said Martin, whether in Latin or any other language, containing the said errors or any one of them; and we wish them to be regarded as utterly condemned, reprobated, and rejected. We forbid each and every one of the faithful of either sex, in virtue of holy obedience and under the above penalties (excommunication) to be incurred automatically, to read, assert, preach, praise, print, publish, or defend them. … Indeed immediately after the publication of this letter these works, wherever they may be, shall be sought out carefully by the ordinaries and others [ecclesiastics and regulars], and under each and every one of the above penalties shall be burned publicly and solemnly in the presence of the clerics and people.”

And so which pope are we supposed to follow? Does a more recent tendency in doctrine and papal writings and utterances, trump the earlier writings and proclamations? Or has the current pontificate abandoned Christ and His Church in favor of dialogue and capitulation as it worships the cult of man?  I suspect the latter. Could this be part and parcel of the abomination of desolation?


The Sin of Ingratitude

I admit I don’t have much of my own to contribute to this blog but things being as they are and with so much material worthy of publication and since much of it is in rather obscure locations and since I try to give credit to my sources and since the salvation of souls is at stake, I’ll continue in my nefarious ways.

The following (rather lengthy quote) from the Mystical City of God you might think concerns man’s ingratitude to his fellow man.  But no, it’s about the debt of gratitude man owes God and the culpable guilt man incurs in his tardiness, laxity and outright omission of thanksgiving to Almighty God.

Mary, the Mother of God to Blessed Mary of Agreda:

My daughter, the sin of ingratitude is one of the most heinous committed by men against God and by it they make themselves most unworthy and abominable in the sight of God and the saints. For both God and the saints have a kind of horror of this vile conduct in men. Yet in spite of its pernicious effects, there is none which men, each one in particular, commit more frequently and thoughtlessly. It is true that in order to lessen the debt accumulating by their most ungrateful and universal forgetfulness of his benefits, God requires from his Church a certain recompense for this want of thankfulness in her children and in mankind. For in recognition of his blessings, the Church as such offers up so many prayers and sacrifices of praise and glory as we see ordained in her. But as the favors and graces of his liberal and watchful Providence are not only for the common good of the faithful, but to the advantage of each mortal in particular, the debt of gratitude is not paid by this general thanksgiving of the Church; each one for himself owes thanks for what he receives from the divine liberality.

How many are there among the mortals, who during the whole course of their lives have not excited one sincere act of thanksgiving for the gift of life, for its preservation, for health, food, honors, possessions and all the other temporal and natural goods! Others there are, who, if at any time they give thanks for these benefits, do it not because they truly love God, the Giver, but because they love themselves and delight in these temporal and earthly blessings and in the possession of them. This kind of vain deceit discovers itself in two ways: first, in seeking these earthly and transitory goods, men are full of dissatisfaction, haste and discomfort, and they scarcely can think of, ask for, or desire other more spiritual things, loving only what is apparent and passing. Although many times their being deprived of health, honor, possessions and other things is a blessing of God, which prevents in them a blind and disorderly attachment to such matters; yet they think it a misfortune and, as it were, an injury, and they allow their heart continually to verge on destruction by trespassing upon what is finite and perishable.

Secondly, this deceit is known by the forgetfulness of spiritual benefits in the blind pursuit of what is transitory, so that men neither recognize or acknowledge what is beyond. This fault among the children of the Church is most vile and dreadful, since, without any obligation on the part of God and without any of their merit, the divine mercy seeks to draw them to the secure path of eternal life, signally applying to them the merits of the passion and death of my divine Son. Every one who is now in a state of holiness in the Church, could have been born in other times and ages, before God came into the world; moreover he could have been born among pagans, idolaters, heretics or other infidels, where his eternal damnation would be unavoidable. Without their merit God called such persons to his holy faith, giving them knowledge of the certain truth; justifying them in Baptism, putting at their disposal the Sacraments, the ministers, the teachings and enlightenments of eternal life. He placed them upon the sure path, granted them his assistance, pardoned them their sins, raised them from their falls, waited for their repentance, invited them by his mercy, and rewarded them with a liberal hand. He defended them through his holy angels, gave them Himself as a pledge and as a nourishment of eternal life; and thus He accumulated so many blessings upon them, that they are without measure or number, and that not a day nor an hour passes without increasing their indebtedness.

Tell me then, daughter, what thanks are due to his so liberal and fatherly kindness? And how many men deserve to experience it? The greatest blessing of all is that in punishment for this ingratitude the portals of his mercy have not been closed, and the fountains of his goodness have not dried up; for it is infinite. The root of this most dreadful ingratitude in men is the boundless desire and covetousness for the temporal, apparent and transitory goods. From this insatiable thirst grows their unthankfulness; for as they hanker so much after the temporal goods, they undervalue what they receive and give thanks neither for them nor for the spiritual goods; and thus they are most ungrateful as well for the ones as the others. In addition to this unbearable foolishness they are guilty of a still greater one, namely, they ask God not for what is necessary to them, but for things which are injurious and will bring about their eternal perdition. Among men it is considered mean to ask a favor from the one they have offended; and still more outrageous to ask a favor for the purpose of committing a still greater offense. What must we then say of a vile earthly being, an enemy of God, when he petitions his Creator for life, health, honor, possessions and other things, for which he will never give thanks, and which he does not intend to use for any other purpose than to offend the divine Giver?

If, in addition to this, such men never thank God for having created them, redeemed them, called them, borne them with patience and justified them, prepared for them the same glory which He enjoys: and if, while expecting this glory, they do not even ask for the grace of acknowledging and repenting of their sins, they certainly show nothing but the utmost temerity and presumption. I assure thee, my dearest, that this so frequent ingratitude toward God is one of the most certain signs of reprobation in those who are guilty of such forgetfulness and carelessness. It is also a bad sign, when the just Judge confers temporal blessings upon those who ask for them in forgetfulness of the blessings of the Redemption and Justification; for all such, oblivious of the means of their eternal salvation, demand but the instruments of their death, and to yield to their demands is no blessing, but a chastisement of their blindness.


Mary’s Role in the Salvation of the World

It’s rather puzzling to try and discern the role of Mary, the Mother of God, in salvation. There is little mention of her in scripture. Catholics revere and honor her but they are basically the only ones since protestants, muslims, and basically all other sects have denigrated her to something much less than the honor due her as the Mother of the Savior of the World.

In the “Mystical City of God”, Blessed Mary of Agreda notes that the authors of the Gospels were instructed by Mary herself to omit or only slightly mention her in the Gospels with the purpose being that Mary, in her humility, wished that no attention be diverted from her Divine Son. This was agreed to by Divine Providence.  But the “Mystical City” endlessly extolls the virtues and excellences of Mary such that one begins to wonder why these truths of the faith have so long been concealed from mankind.

But Divine Providence has decreed as much.  The “Mystical City” also states that these unknown virtues of Mary have been saved for the latter days of the Church as being necessary for the Church in those times and being more appropriately revealed at that later date.

It seems that with the situation in the Church and in the world being what it is today, that we may indeed be in these “latter days”.  And so it appears time to reemphasis the role of the Mother of God in salvation history, to make known the writings dedicated to her and her role in salvation, and to pray to her, who is all mercy, to intercede with her Son for the eternal benefit of mankind.

Catholics are so blessed to have Mary as their intercessor. Protestants are so much to be pitied.

Christmas Past

The Lord has always seen fit to raise the spirit of the faithful and, indeed, of the whole world in the blessed Christmas season. In His benevolence, each year, in this special season He raises up from the abyss with special blessings the Church. These blessings can be seen in intangible but, nonetheless, recognizable uplifting of the spirit, feelings of good will and general benevolence. This extends to the secular world as well since the Lord “sends rain on the just and the unjust” as He wills the salvation of all.
But as the season passes, the world falls back into its torpidity and stupor. And such is the case now. The spirit of the season has passed and mankind has fallen back into its old ways as though the Savior of the World never came and the graces, that fill our souls so recently, never existed.

And, sadly, such will be the attitude in the Church as well.  Even though the Church purports to celebrate the season of Christmas through its culmination on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, the spirit of the season is gone.  The Christmas hymns are no more; no greetings of “Merry Christmas”; and the great season of joy at the coming of the Lord into the world is past; just a memory of time with family and friends bereft of the joy of the realization that Christ has indeed come into the world to save us from our sins.

Its refreshing to see a treatment of the so call “climate change crisis” in a levelheaded manner especially when the MSM treats climate change as an absolute certainty with no allowance for contrary points of view.  Following is an except from an article from the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

“The hype and hyperbole leading up to the COP 21 Climate Conference last month in Paris was nothing short of amazing. World leaders and other self-described experts attempted to convince people around the world that the conference was critical to the future of the planet, critical to the future of life itself. Noted environmental scientist Pope Francis ominously warned mankind that “we are on the brink of a suicide.”

Global warming enthusiasts and President Barack Obama were hoping that the 200 or so nations attending the summit would agree to a compact that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that global temperature increases would be limited to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. In reality, they were hoping to create a legally binding agreement that would impose draconian carbon dioxide restrictions on advanced countries such as the United States and, in the process, unplug our modern society and push us back into the stone age. They also wanted contractual language that would have forced the U.S. and other developed nations to pay $100 billion or so a year in extortion money, some called it climate reparations, to the least developed nations of the world.

World leaders weren’t the only ones full of hot air. The United Nations and the organizers of the conference were quick to point out the groundswell of support building around the world for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. According to their website, more than 10,000 different entities, including almost 2,300 cities and 2,000 companies have supposedly agreed to take measures to lower their emissions. It appears, however, these numbers were pulled out of thin air. The city of Janesville is listed on the website as having agreed to a 75% CO2 reduction by 2050. When asked who agreed to this goal, Janesville said it never approved a carbon reduction agreement.

Who cares about a little thing called truth when you are saving the planet from extinction, right?” (End Quote)

Read the full article here.