Mary’s Role in the Salvation of the World

It’s rather puzzling to try and discern the role of Mary, the Mother of God, in salvation. There is little mention of her in scripture. Catholics revere and honor her but they are basically the only ones since protestants, muslims, and basically all other sects have denigrated her to something much less than the honor due her as the Mother of the Savior of the World.

In the “Mystical City of God”, Blessed Mary of Agreda notes that the authors of the Gospels were instructed by Mary herself to omit or only slightly mention her in the Gospels with the purpose being that Mary, in her humility, wished that no attention be diverted from her Divine Son. This was agreed to by Divine Providence.  But the “Mystical City” endlessly extolls the virtues and excellences of Mary such that one begins to wonder why these truths of the faith have so long been concealed from mankind.

But Divine Providence has decreed as much.  The “Mystical City” also states that these unknown virtues of Mary have been saved for the latter days of the Church as being necessary for the Church in those times and being more appropriately revealed at that later date.

It seems that with the situation in the Church and in the world being what it is today, that we may indeed be in these “latter days”.  And so it appears time to reemphasis the role of the Mother of God in salvation history, to make known the writings dedicated to her and her role in salvation, and to pray to her, who is all mercy, to intercede with her Son for the eternal benefit of mankind.

Catholics are so blessed to have Mary as their intercessor. Protestants are so much to be pitied.


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