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A Bill of Divorce

From the visions of Anne Katherine Emmerich, “Live of Our Lord Jesus Christ”:

Several women had come to Him, asking whether He could not give them a bill of divorce. They complained of their husbands with whom, they said, they could no longer live. This was an artful device of the Pharisees. They were confounded by His miracles and could do nothing against Him; but yet being full of wrath, they resolved to tempt Him to say on the subject of divorce something against the Law, that they might be able to accuse Him as a teacher of false doctrine. But Jesus said to the discontented wives: “Bring me a vessel of milk and another of water. Then I shall answer ye.” They went into a neighboring house and returned with a bowl of milk and one of water. Jesus poured one into the other and said: “Separate the two again, so that the milk shall be again by itself, and in like manner the water. Then I shall give you a bill of divorce.” The women replied that they could not do that. Then Jesus spoke of the indissolubility of marriage, and that it was only on account of the obduracy of the Jews that Moses had allowed divorce. But perfectly disunited husband and wife never could be, since they are one in the flesh; and although they might not live together, yet must the husband support the wife and children, and neither could remarry.



Are you stupid or what?  There are two priests at Mass.  There are three extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion scheduled.  You run up there so you can perform your “ministry” which requires the second priest to go twiddle his thumbs while you desecrate the Body of the Lord with your unconsecrated hands  and all in the name of the misapplied concept of “full, conscious and active participation”.  Go sit you ass down.  Oh, and if you absolutely have to perform some sort of ministry, next time don’t show up in blue jeans.

Time of Chastisement

It’s becoming more and more obvious that we are indeed in the time of chastisement. It’s obviously not a cataclysmic, natural disaster type of chastisement even though there are peoples and lands that have been ravaged by natural disasters on a regular basis and might argue otherwise. No, the chastisement is a subtle one that has been working inside the Church for decades and it’s great danger is that goes unnoticed.
You could describe it as a “silent apostasy”.

Since early in the previous century, Church teachings have been obfuscated and modernized on such a gradual basis that the apostasy has been mostly unnoticed. And that is Lucifer’s ingenious scheme.  In 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a vision in which Christ gave Satan 75 to 100 years to persecute the Church. That span of years certainly includes the Second Vatican Council and the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missa, the “aggionanamento” of the Council, and the falling away of countless priests, nuns and lay people from the practice of the faith, not to mention countless modernistic encroachments on the Catholic faith.

The world ignored the warnings that Our Lady gave at Fatima as well as those given at many other, Church approved, though lesser known apparitions. World War II was one result, with the loss of millions of lives. The world and the Church have not bettered themselves. The falling away from the Catholic Faith continues as the Vatican talks about shared communion with protestant heretics, hints at a one world religion and, almost daily, issues some statement that seems contradictory to perennial Church teachings.

The loss of millions of lives due to war is most assuredly a terrible tragedy but the loss of millions of souls due to apostasy from the faith is a far greater tragedy for those souls are lost for all eternity.  But there is no sense of urgency in ecclesiastical circles; no concern among the laity about working out one’s salvation in “fear and trembling”.  Actually the “church of nice” seems more than content with the current situation and happy to follow church leadership as it proclaims the possibility of the full vacancy of hell and continues to lead the faithful astray with less than orthodox teachings.


Know Thy Enemy

I’ve always thought Lucifer and Satan were the same demon. Turns out I was wrong or at least incorrect in thinking that they are always one and the same even though it seems the names are many times interchanged to mean the devil or the “head” demon. In fact, there are many demons and many of their names are known to us.
According to Wikipedia a few of the demon’s names and the vice to which they chiefly tempt are as follows:

  • Lucifer: pride
  • Mammon: greed
  • Asmodeus: lust
  • Leviathan: envy
  • Beelzebub: gluttony
  • Satan: wrath
  • Belphegor: sloth

There are many, many more as illustrated here.

Anyway, in this troubled world (and Church) in which we live its important to know who we are battling and that we are, indeed, in a battle and that we are being constantly attacked by evil spirits who are invisible to us but are, non-the-less, real and whose only desire is to draw us into sin and deprive us of the friendship of God.  It’s good to know thy enemy.

Vatican II Never Said That

It seems appropriate to mention that when the argument is advanced against some new novelty in the Catholic Church, whether it be liturgical or doctrinal, the method of defense for orthodoxy or tradition and to yet remain in good stead with the conciliar church is to say that “Vatican II never said that”.  And, indeed, Vatican II probably never did say that. But Vatican II never said the opposite either.

And there in lies the caveat.  “Time bombs” inserted in Vatican II documents were designed as such; time bombs to be detonated at a later time in a later more modernistic atmosphere.  A recent issue of Catholic Family News has an article entitled: “The Personal Diaries of Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton – The Vatican Years” by Robert J. Siscoe. Quoting from the article, “Msgr. Fenton received his doctorate of Sacred Theology from the Angelicum in Rome and wrote his dissertation under the great Thomist, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.  Msgr. Fenton was a peritus for Cardinal Ottaviani at the Second Vatican Council.” His personal diaries were just recently made public.

Some of the quotes from Msgr. Fenton’s diary are as follows: Oct. 19, 1962 – “I started to read the material on the Liturgy, and I was shocked at the bad theology”; Oct. 27, 1962 – “As far as I can see the Church is going to be very badly hurt by this Council. The opposition between the liberals and the loyal Catholics has been brought out into the open.”; Oct. 31, 1962 – “Being at the Council is, of course, the great experience of my life.  But at the same time, it has been a great disappointment.  I never thought the episcopate was so liberal.  This is going to mark the end of the Catholic religion as we know it”; Oct. 19, 1962 – “… since the death of St. Pius X the Church has been directed by  weak and liberal Popes, who have flooded the hierarchy with unworthy, stupid men”; Nov. 23, 1962 – “If I did not believe in God, I would be convinced that the Catholic Church was about to end”; Nov, 25, 1962 – “Some other people believe what I have thought for several months, that John XXIII is definitely a lefty.  This nonsense that he is ‘deceived’ or ‘mal servite’ is disgraceful.  He is the boss.”; Oct. 28, 1965 – “The part on ecumenism is a joke.  It reads like a 19th Century text, or a second-rate article in a leftist magazine.”