Time of Chastisement

It’s becoming more and more obvious that we are indeed in the time of chastisement. It’s obviously not a cataclysmic, natural disaster type of chastisement even though there are peoples and lands that have been ravaged by natural disasters on a regular basis and might argue otherwise. No, the chastisement is a subtle one that has been working inside the Church for decades and it’s great danger is that goes unnoticed.
You could describe it as a “silent apostasy”.

Since early in the previous century, Church teachings have been obfuscated and modernized on such a gradual basis that the apostasy has been mostly unnoticed. And that is Lucifer’s ingenious scheme.  In 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a vision in which Christ gave Satan 75 to 100 years to persecute the Church. That span of years certainly includes the Second Vatican Council and the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missa, the “aggionanamento” of the Council, and the falling away of countless priests, nuns and lay people from the practice of the faith, not to mention countless modernistic encroachments on the Catholic faith.

The world ignored the warnings that Our Lady gave at Fatima as well as those given at many other, Church approved, though lesser known apparitions. World War II was one result, with the loss of millions of lives. The world and the Church have not bettered themselves. The falling away from the Catholic Faith continues as the Vatican talks about shared communion with protestant heretics, hints at a one world religion and, almost daily, issues some statement that seems contradictory to perennial Church teachings.

The loss of millions of lives due to war is most assuredly a terrible tragedy but the loss of millions of souls due to apostasy from the faith is a far greater tragedy for those souls are lost for all eternity.  But there is no sense of urgency in ecclesiastical circles; no concern among the laity about working out one’s salvation in “fear and trembling”.  Actually the “church of nice” seems more than content with the current situation and happy to follow church leadership as it proclaims the possibility of the full vacancy of hell and continues to lead the faithful astray with less than orthodox teachings.



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