Excerpt: The Life and Message of Sister Mary of the Trinity

Words of Christ to Sr. Mary of the Divinity:

“My little daughter, I live in souls as I lived on earth. If you wish to know what fosters My life in you, see how I lived, as shown in the Gospel narratives. “Silence and simplicity. Penitential poverty and detachment. “Union with God; Joy; complete fulfillment. “I move in souls always doing good; I use the same means, the same manner of acting, and I have never contradicted Myself: “‘ Let the cockle grow with the good grain’.  .  . “‘ Overcome evil by good’.  .  . “‘ Love your enemies and those who wish you ill’.  .  . “‘ Do not quench the smoking flax’.  .  . “‘ Let your light shine before men’.  .  . “And My Beatitudes as I lived them, so do I live them anew in every soul— “likewise My commandment.  .  . “I spoke in parables and I prayed to My Father. “I still speak in souls”—

Duboin, Alain-Marie. The Life and Message of Sister Mary of The Holy Trinity: Poor Clare of Jerusalem (1901-1942) (Kindle Locations 2284-2292). TAN Books. Kindle Edition.


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