The Latin Vulgate


The Council of Trent (Italy) in 1546 declared it (The Latin Vulgate) be the only authentic and official version for the Latin Rite: ” The same Sacred and Holy Synod …  hereby declares and enacts that the same well-known Old Latin Vulgate edition …  is to be held authentic in public readings, disputations,sermons, and expositions, and that no one shall dare or presume to reject it under any pretense whatsoever.” (DZ.  785).  It is still the official Catholic Bible today.


(The English translation of the Latin Vulgate) is known as the Douay-Rheims Version.

Except for the modest modernizing of a few “archaic” words there seems to be no need for “new translations” of the bible.  Therefore, when words such as “blessed” are changed to “happy” and gender neutral language is insert, you have to wonder about the motive for new translations.


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