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So if the Church is the Bride of Christ?

So if a man is to leave his mother and father and he and his wife become one flesh, can the same correlation be drawn with Christ and his Church?  You need not look far to find the analogy of the Church as the bride of Christ.  If Christ is espoused to the Church, is not the Vicar of Christ, as the representative of Christ on earth, also espoused to the Church in much the same way?

And if a man and a woman become one flesh and that union is indissoluble in the eyes of God and the Church, and if neither party can of their own free will break the bond because they no longer feel the love, or can no longer tolerate the other person or for whatever reason, couldn’t that correlation be extended to the office of the Pope and his relationship with the Church? And if that is the case, can a pope voluntarily vacate the Chair of Saint Peter?  No matter the gravity or the enormity of the circumstances, the office of the papacy is for life and if such is the case, did Benedict XVI “divorce” himself from the Church? And that being the case, is Bergolio living in an adulterous relationship with the Church? If the marriage bond is unbreakable in the eyes of the Church and of God, we have a “step-father” as the pope and one who appears to be a hireling at that.