Pardon Me, Dear “Music Ministers” but …

Pardon me dear “ministers of sacred music”, but what makes you think that I’ve shown up early for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in order to listen to you serenade me with some ditty from the repertoire of so called “sacred music” that is the Holy Grail of Catholic Hymnody however it is labeled whether it be Breaking Bread, or Heritage Missal or Gather or some other variation? And why do you think that I would be interested in watching you as you prepare for your performance (because that’s what it is) even though you be positioned so close to the altar that it is impossible to miss any of your antics if one so much as opens ones eyes or raises ones head?

What’s that you say? Hmm, yes…good point. I see. Most of the congregation has come as if to a social event and they expect to be entertained musically by yourselves or verbally by the clever words of the celebrant as if they were at a night club or social club.  Yes, I also see that the irreverence and casual attitude of the priest also lends itself to the style of music that you consider appropriate for this sacred gathering.

I guess I owe you an apology.  I suppose you can assume nothing other than this meeting is just a get together to slap each other on the back and pretend that you’ve fulfilled your obligation and its clear sailing here on out to eternal happiness,

Forgive me.


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